The ultimate in a hacked Mac Plus.

Major Construction going on.

Camneerg is literly Green Mac spelled backwords. The name comes from a late night IRC sesion after I had first mounted the CRT inside this machine. Lady Ada must be given credit for the name. (Sorry, Lemon but no blinking green Ansi.) The name Camneerg adequetly describes this machine. You see it was once a Mac Plus although I doubt the origanal designers would consider it anything closely resembeling what they built.

The Mac Plus is what has become to be known as an "all in one" Mac. Similar in design to the Mac SE and Classic series where a small 9inch Black and White Tube sits inside the same case as the disk drives and logic circuits. Camneerg however has had this tube replaced with one from an old Pac Bell Data terminal if I remember correctly. The tube was of a monochrome green color so instead of getting black and white you got black and green. It took some doing and but finally, after about three analog boards, the tube was mounted and working. One problem though, all the text was backwords on the screen, It was mirror image. I must have gotten one of the wires crossed in the back accidently. However I couldn't risk changeing it as I had no more spare parts to use in case one of them blew. So it stayed as it was.

About a year after I first built this machine I found a book by Larry Pina entitled Macintosh Repair And Upgrade Secrets which described a way to patch into the video cable inside the machine and output the video to a standard monochrome monitor. So now the machine has, besides the internal backwards green monochrome screen, an external amber monochrome screen.

So now there is a Mac Plus that has been painted black with a green monochrome screen that displays backwards text and an external monochrome amber screen. Hence the name Camneerg.

Pictures of this beast will soon be posted, I hope.

BTW, this Mac Plus is runing the web server you are reading this page from right now.

Future Hacks? I am currently experimenting with adding a third monitor to this beast. A Radius Full Page display. I need version 3.0 ROMS for the Display card and Radius wants $80 for them. Anyone wanna donate 'em?

Technical Specs

Motorola 68000 @ 8MHz
4 MB of RAM
40 MB external SCSI drive
System 7.1 with HSU 3.0
MacHTTP 2.2
MacTCP 2.0.6 over AppleTalk

Hardware Hacks