A totally hacked Up Mac IIci.

Major Construction going on.

Take one Mac IIci motherboard, find a powersupply in a dumpster, rip a floppy from an old Mac SE FDHD, scrounge around for an old 80 meg Hard Drive, rebuild a Mac RGB Display, get a donated Ethernet card, and get some RAM from all those old Mac Plus's you have laying around, stir gently and pour into an old Leading Edge PC case (after some serious modification) paint the case a nice shade of blue and you have Cobalt.

Cobalt is a Mac IIci that does not look like any Mac I have ever seen. (I'll try to post a picture soon.) In a Cobalt Blue painted Leading Edge Case with the Floppy drive sticking out of the front. I am amazed every day that it continues to run, but it does so and seems to rather well.

At one point Cobalt was the main machine that housed and ran the Infamous Whacked Mac Archives. Since the WMA has been upgraded to a different machine Cobalt has been regulated to be used by Stefan von Neumann. a fellow L0phT Resident. It had been named Whacked while it housed the complete Whacked Mac Archives. It served them via Peter Lewis's NetPresenz 4.0.1 from an external drive. Since the archives have been moved this machine has reverted to its origanal name Cobalt .

Last Updated 221204JUL98

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