The Apple IIe Web Server

Major Construction going on. Physically as well virtually.

HardCider currently only exists in my head. I know it is possible but there are a few hurdles to overcome first before this old Apple IIe can make the jump to web server status.

  • Requirements
    • One working Apple IIe Enhanced
    • 3.5 Unidisk with controller card
    • One Apple II Wrokstation Card
    • One Apletalk Network bridged to Ethernet connected to the WORLD
    • TCP stack written in 65C02 assembler
    • Web Server software written in 65C02 assembler
    • One Hard Drive (Profile or SCSI, optional)
    • Appleshare Server to boot the machine via Appletalk. (optional)

    For some wierd reason I have been getting alot of mail about this old project. First let me say it is not dead. This project still lives and will be completed sometime. It has just dropped way down on my list of priorities. Thanks for all the cards and letters they have at least gotten me to think about this more.

    I still need the 3.5 UniDisk with controller. This is to load the software utilities for the SCSI Card and AppleTalk card. I have the software. I have been thinking about a hack to use my //c and an external drive to transfer the data to 5.25 but I'm not sure if that will work. I have the software

    First many many thanks to all have sent hardware, software and messages of goodwill. The Hardware phase is nearing completion and the Software phase will soon start.

    Only one piece of hardware is still needed, the 3.5 Unidisk with controler card. This is needed to load the software for the SCSI card and the Workstation card. Also if anyone has has the software for either of these cards and/or knows how to use them, or knows where I can get the software PLEASE let me know.

    Once I have the software for both of these cards I'll begin testing the machine to make sure everything works so that I can turn the whole thing over to Mudge an Apple Warez dude from way back, to write the TCP stack and Web server.

    This project has gotten a little more complicated than I had imaganed. Thanks to the many kind hearted souls who have offered assistance. Through thier efforts I have finnally gotten a working Apple //e Enhanced with a ColorMonitor IIc. I have installed a 80 coulmn card, a Disk II Card with two floppies, and the all important Workstation Card.

    So far everything seems to work. However I need the software for the Workstation Card. According to the Apple Tech Info Library it only comes on 3.5 inch disks. If that is the case then I will deffinatly need a UniDisk3.5 and a UniDisk controller card. I've been thinking that although Mudge is good, I don't know if he is 128K good. 128K seems like an awfully tiny amount of RAM for a TCP stack and a Web Server So I may need to scrounge up an old 256K Memory expansion card.

    But at least know I have the machine and this no longer just a gleam in my eye. I can actually point to it and say "One day you will serve the Web!"

    26SEP96 The first requirement has yet to be met. I have the IIe case and enhanced motherboard but lack a working power supply. I have been scouring the local flea markets without success. I could buy one from such companies like Pre-Owned Electronics but I don't have that kind of cash. Anyone got a IIe Power Supply they would like to donate to this worthy project?

    The Workstation card has been procured. We even have two in case one doen't work. This will allow us to run AppleTalk from the IIe.

    The AppleTalk network is up and running and is bridged to our local ethernet via a Cayman Gator Box. This is connected to the WORLD with a 128K ISDN connection.

    The TCP stack will probably be written by Mudge. It is doubtful that it will be a complete implementation of TCP/IP given the restraints of the 65C02. It will probably be just the basics, enough to get the machine to respond to ping and HTTP requests. The TCP will have to be wrapped inside of AppleTalk and then stripped clean by the Gator Box. Of course he won't be able to start writing the stack until the machine is up and running. It would be cool if this has already been written if anyone knows of a TCP stack for the Apple IIe please let me know.

    A Hard Drive may or may not be neccessary. It depends on just how big the the TCP stack will have to be as well as the server software. Hopefully we will be able to fit it on four 160K floppy disks. If not we have a 5MB Profile drive and numerous 20MB SCSI drives standing by. Of course if we need a to add a Hard Drive we will have to somehow come up with a either a SCSI card or a Profile card for the IIe. Niether of which are all that easy to find.

    Comments? Suggestions? Donations of cool Hardware? PLEASE Let me know! Any help at all would be appreciated.

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