Crackers Seize Satellite?

contributed by anobs
A Reuters news story that credits a story in The Sunday Business Newspaper claims that a British satellite has been taken over by crackers and is being held for ransom. A lot of people feel that if it is reported by a major news organization such as Reuters it must be true, well I don't buy it. The article does not mention who received the blackmail threats nor are their any verifiable quotes. The article quotes one 'intelligent source' and one 'security source'. Considering the sensitive nature of this story one could assume that more than one news organization would have picked up this story, so far we can find nothing in the BBC or the London Times. This story will be treated as extremely suspect until it can be verified by a second source.

Yahoo Daily News

  British Pirate Busted

contributed by Juar3z Dud3
An eleven year old British boy has been nabbed after he ran a 10,000 software piracy operation from his bedroom. Because the child was so young the European Leisure Software Publishers Association will not be pressing charges.



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We recieved reports that the following sites have been cracked: