British Satellites Impossible to Crack

contributed by Space Rogue
A spokesperson from MOD (Ministry of Defense) has claimed that it is impossible to break into the computers that control its military satellites. Recently a Sunday Business article claimed that crackers had broken into a military satellite, changed its orbit and was holding it for ransom. This story was picked up by the Reuters wire service and appeared in newspapers and on web sites world wide. Yesterday HNN did report on the outlandish claims put forth in the Reuters story but cautioned against totally believing it until confirmation could be obtained. Evidently confirmation is not forthcoming and British officials have flat out denied that such a thing is even possible.

ZD Net

A copy of the original Sunday Business article has been saved here Sunday Business

MSNBC examines this media mess in depth and labels HNN as "the voice of reason" MSNBC

Newsbytes attempts to debunk the original Sunday Business article Newsbytes

HNN Editor in Chief, Space Rogue, will be giving an exclusive interview about this media fiasco to 'Off the Hook', a broadcast and Real Audio hacker news program. The interview will be broadcast at 8pm EST Tuesday March 2nd. If you live in the New York area tune in to WBAI 99.5 FM or catch it on Real Audio.
Off The Hook

  H.R. 514 moves to the Senate

contributed by Brian Oblivion
H.R. 514, a bill that will criminalize the monitoring of cellular phone, pager, and public safety frequencies has been passed by the House and is set to go before the US Senate subcommittee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. This bill will not stop or prevent anything, it just makes more crimes and will force even more information underground. We urge you to learn about this bill and let your feelings known not only to your own Senators but to those of the committee as well. Please send your letters today before the communications industry can ram this bill though. Because of the clear and present danger to personal liberties present in this bill HNN will continue to follow this story closely.

Opinion of HR 514 by Brian Oblivion
Full Text and House debate of HR 514
US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation
Sample letters- We urge you to use these as a guide and to write your own personal letters

  NFR and L0pht team up

contributed by Dr. Mudge
Network Flight Recorder and L0pht Heavy Industries, Inc. have announced a joint partnership to build backends or plug-in modules for NFR, an industry leading network analysis and intrusion detection system. L0pht cited the fact that NFR was the only commercial package capable of being used for intrusion detection that released full source code to the academic community as one of the many reasons for joining up with NFR.

Network Flight Recorder
L0pht Heavy Industries, Inc.

  MS admits that Windows is not reliable

contributed by soylent
An obscure bug has surfaced in the Windows 95 and 98 operating systems that will cause the system to stop dead in its tracks after 49.7 days of continuous use. MS is working on a reliable patch that it plans to include in the upcoming OSR 2.

Microsoft Knowledge Base

  HiR Issue #8

contributed by h_i_r
Hackers Information Report E-Zine, an HNN Affiliate, has just released HiR Issue 8. Topics that are covered in the issue vary from cool little software toys, info on packet sniffing, CD-Rom Burning tips, and even how to make an analog clock out of that old 10 Megabyte Hard Drive in your basement.

HiR Distro Site

  Antidote #3

contributed by Lord Oak
Issue #3 of the Antidote has been released. This contains articles on Windows and Linux security tips as well as a primer on how to get your own domain name and an article on how to collect information about a remote system.

The Antidote

  Innerpulse Cracked?

contributed by apm, a hacker humor site, is claiming that they have been cracked. It is unclear whether this is true or just more wackiness from this overly funny site.

Innerpulse News

contributed by Anonymous
We have recieved reports that the following web sites have been cracked: