MostHated to Plead Guilty

contributed by McIntyre
MostHated (Patrick W. Gregory) is expected to plead guilty to charges of one count of conspiracy to commit telecommunications fraud in the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Texas. The charges stem form the defacement of the White House web page last May. MostHated is thought to be the leader of Global Hell, a group that has taken credit for defacing over 100 web sites. He could receive up to five years in prison, $250,000 in fines and forced to pay up to $2.5 million in restitution.

ABC News - Mirrors of Global Hell Defacements

  FBI Wants New Laws to Make Their Work Easier

contributed by acopalyse
FBI director Louis Freeh has suggested changes to the law that would help track down cyber criminals and make it easier to keep pace with the fastest-growing area of cyber crime in the United States. (Whhhaaaaa, my job is too hard, please pass some laws to make it easier.)


  Banks Warned to Carefully Screen New Recruits

contributed by William Knowles
In preparation for the upcoming Stop the City protests London police are warning banks to be extra careful screening applicants and to look for people with with 'cyber-spy tendencies'. Police fear that anarchist sympathizers may try to infiltrate companies and sabotage computer systems in support of the protests.

The Register UK

  CPHack Was GPL'd, Mattel Left Holding the Bag

contributed by Fredrick
Mattell may not have gotten exactly what it thought when it purchased the copyright to CPHack. CPHack reveals Cyberpatrol's secret list of off-limits web sites as well as methods to circumvent the program. CPHack was released under the GNU Public license which grants the recipient of the software the right to copy, distribute or modify the program. Legal experts say that that right can not be revoked.


  White House Staffer Gives Away Phone Access Codes

contributed by William Knowles
For giving out long distance White House telephone access codes a U.S. Army Sergeant has been arrested. The codes allowed 9,400 calls worth $50,000 to be placed to locations around the world.

Reuters - via Yahoo

  Another DVD Work Around on PlayStation 2

contributed by acopalyse
This time fans have discovered a way to exploit the game console's analog RGB output to copy DVD content to a videotape, circumventing the system's copy-protection technology. The technique is being discussed on Japanese web sites. (Wonder if this will have any impact on the current MPAA and DeCSS case.)


  Interview with Attrition Staff Posted

contributed by WHiTe VaMPiRe
Project Gamma has recently conducted an interview with the ATTRITION staff. They detail future plans and speak of how they originally started, among other things.

Project Gamma

  The Unfairness of Computer Crime Sentences

contributed by Agrajag
Are the punishments given to those who commit relatively minor computer-related crimes, such as web page defacements unfair? Rather than being treated like their real-world counterparts (eg: trespass and spray-painting graffiti), and earning the fairly minor sentences that fit the actual crimes, they are most often instead treated as serious felonies deserving of overly harsh punishments, which are simply completely out of line with the crimes committed, and are seemingly only given just because a computer was involved.

Linux World

  @tlanta Con to be Held this Weekend

contributed by fuller212
@tlanta con is a hacking/phreaking convention hosted by the South Eastern 2600 groups in Atlanta Georgia. It was created due to demand of another hacking convention in the South Eastern US. @tlanta Con will be held this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the The Ramada Inn and Conference Center in Midtown Atlanta.

Atlanta Con

contributed by Carole
Mitnick Joins Fox?
Rumor has it that Fox News has hired Kevin Mitnick as a commentator on Internet security. If anyone can confirm this rumor we would like to hear it.