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  Political Candidates Deface Web Pages

contributed by Crystal
It started when Democratic candidate Maria Cantwell's campaign workers linked to a picture of their opponent, Sen. Slade Gorton, R-Wash., in a very humorous pose on their web site. The Cantwell camp evidently only linked to the photo on the Gorton site. Workers for Sen. Gorton then changed the picture to something more flattering. Now Gorton's campaign is accusing Cantwell, a dot-com executive, of stealing intellectual capital, high-tech hacking and hijacking his server. (Linking to a picture is now considered stealing intellectual capital? Yeah, I want this guy in office.)

Seattle Times

  Mitnick Seeks to Renew Ham License

contributed by Vapor
An entry in the June 7, 2000 FCC Enforcement Logs show that Kevin Mitnick (N6NHG) & his legal counsel are in the process of renewing his General Class Ham radio license. Kevin's attorney, R. Gregory Adlin, argues that ham radio operation will not violate his parole conditions. FCC Special Counsel for Amateur Radio Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth states that Mitnick's current license remains valid while he and his lawyer gather documentation to prove that operating ham radios will not violate his parole.


  Value of Microsoft Trash On the Rise

contributed by McIntyre
Not really sure what to make of this story or what is exactly going on but it seems that someone is trying to buy the unshredded trash of the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) which is closely aligned with Microsoft. In an unrelated incident Microsoft's Dupont offices were broken into earlier this week but nothing was found missing.

Wall Street Journal

  China Sentences Man to Death

contributed by Apocalyse Dow
Fang Yong embezzled about 1.66m yuan (about 200,000 US dollars) of public money from the The Bank of Communications of China, by counterfeiting bank paper, and transferring money from people's accounts from May to August 1990. The 36-year old "hacker" was sentenced to death here recently by the Ningbo Intermediate Court in East China's Zhejiang Province. This is the most severe punishment that a Chinese judicial organization has given to a "cyber criminal". (Hacker? Cyber Criminal? Lets try Forger and Embezzler, those words are much more descriptive. Oh, but they aren't as sensationalistic, sorry.)

BBC - via Lexis-Nexis

  OpenBSD 2.7 Now Available

contributed by White Vampire
OpenBSD 2.7 has been released. OpenBSD has gone three years without a remote vulnerability in the default installation and two years without a localhost vulnerability in the default installation. This is arguably the most secure operating system available. And guess what? Its free.

Open BSD

  RootFest Ends Today

contributed by Code Kid
The last day of RootFest, the largest security convention in the Midwest ends today. Live Audio and Video is available.

St. Paul Pioneer Press

  White Paper: Internet Identity Theft

contributed by Apocalyse Dow
The Software and Information Industry Association, a trade group representing more than 1,000 high-tech companies have released a white paper that details how consumers can prevent identity theft in cyber space. It is hoped that informing the public will help prevent cyber fraud, misused card numbers, and improve consumer confidence in shopping online.

ZD Net
Internet Identity Theft: A Tragedy For Victims

  New Ezines

contributed by syztrix and Cyber0ptix
We forgot to mention it earlier but b0g has released its fifth issue. Also just released is issue 4 of 0blivion Mag.


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