Date: 2 May 2009 06:07:26 -0000
Subject: Space Rogue,Please read it.
From: Michael
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Michael wrote:
What's your idea about us?? Do you think Iranians are terrorists??
But I say Islamic republic of Iran is terrorist ,not Iranians!!
Real Iranians say Fuck in ahmadinezhad and this government.
Iran is full of petroleum but we are poor because they steal it.
What do you know about Iran and Iranians??

Date: Sat, 02 May 2009 10:03:41 -0400
Subject: Re: Space Rogue,Please read it.
From: Space Rogue
To: Michael

I don't think I have ever met anyone from Iran but I am sure the people
there are very nice. I have been to Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, etc 
and the people there are wonderful and I doubt that the people in Iran 
are any different. 

The Iranian government however is a different story.

- SR

Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 19:06:22 -0800
Subject: From Iranian Boy,Please read it
From: Mr michael

As far as you know I'm a 20 years old boy and I'm Iranian too.I can't
speak english very well and I know that I should first improve my
But by using a dictionary I could write this email.
Please read it:

Nearly one years ago when I was searching by google I find an essay
that writed in Farsi and the name of it was "The kings of hacker's
underground world".It was about L0pht heavy industries,Who they were
and What they did.I read it again, and I read it again,again...
....I was surprised by L0pht.They was powerfull hackers that can did
what they want, They wasn't cybercrimicals.They were The hack
masters.After it I decided to be like them even better than them.
I only think about l0pht since past year.I downloaded many books about
hacking,programming,networking and I choose the best of them ,now I
have a vast collection of usefull resources.
I don't read any of them but I decide to read all of them,I will to
start reading soon.
you and L0pht change my life.I had always been unsuccessful in my life
while I have high intelligence.I never use my mind,I didn't know what
I like.But you showed me what I like.
When I was a child everyone knews that I'm a genius,But today everyone
thinks I'm like them,I alwaye use 20-30% of my brain abilities because
I hate academic I'm student in a poor college while I'm
not like those students.It's not very important for me but I hate to
be an average man.
You show me the way that I can use my high intelligence.
My goal is to be the best hacker in the world history.because it's the
only way that I can use my abilities.and I like it so much.

I want to be your friend,and sometimes talk to you about hacking,I
need your help. I don't want to learn hacking from you and waste your
time,I know that I first read my books ,source codes and papers and
improve my english language.


1-Why you send these bullshits??why you are trying to waste my
time???are you sick?

  I'm not stupid,crazy,sick or etc I only want to be a professional like 

2-You want to be a hacker , It's your goal.shut up and don't send it 

  If you hate this email.and don't like to be my friend.OK:
  But remember, I will come back and show you ,I was worthy of it.
  and also remember you and your friends change my life.but you don't
like to talk to me and you do me injustice.


Date: Fri, 08 May 2009 10:45:25 -0400
Subject: Re: From Iranian Boy,Please read it
From: Space Rogue
To: Mr michael

Do you still have that Farsi article? Can you send it to me? I would like 
to read it. I can get it translated.  I suspect that most of it is not 
true, many things written about us have been exaggerated.

 If you want to learn about computer security because you find it
interesting then do it.  Learning to 'hack' because you think it will 
make you powerful and respected probably isn't the right motivation.

Good Luck.

- SR

Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 21:43:42 -0800
Subject: Hi,
From: Mr michael

Hi,how are you?
It's long, but please read it

It's a pdf file, you need farsi font too see this, If you use
linux/windows or other operating system please install farsi .
It is true because most of them translated from your interview whith
NY time don't need to translate it.
anyone like to be powerfull don't need to be a hacker,he or she need a
lot of mony,or be a celebrity,or be a politician and etc.
hacking is an art and also a know this sentence better than 
a hacker is an artist and also a scientist.
I like to be a hacker because I'm sure it's really wonderfull.It's is
really similar to solving a hard puzzle.I like thinking about quite
complicated things.
A phd student needs an adviser, a baby needs parents, a pc needs a modem.
everyone needs a connection, I can learn alone,research alone ,thinking 
but Do you think It's enough??Do you have any friend in the world??

I can learn hacking by reading books,source 
But I need an experienced friend,
I don't want to waste your time,and I don't want to learn hacking from 
you and other people like you have some friends in underground,you are
in underground too.
but you think that I don't need any friend!!


Date: Sat, 09 May 2009 09:15:59 -0400
Subject: Re: Hi,
From: Space Rogue
To: Mr michael

Thanks for the document.

I think your goals are good but I am not sure how I would be able to help
you being so far away. The Interent is nice and all but it is really not 
the best medium for learning. Good Luck.

- SR

Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 07:27:37 -0800
Subject: Hi,
From: Mr michael

I really like to talk to you about many thinks that is
very important for me,But my big problem is that I
can't speak english very well,I will improve it,after
it I will talk to you about those things.I decide to
improve my english language in 2 or 3 month after it I
will start reading and learning hacking.
My schedule is to start learning hacking in August.

you need to know some information about me,please don't
forget it:

name: XXX
Family: YYY ZZZ
birth: 1989

  My goals and some information about me:

  1-be the best hacker in the world history.

  2-When I was a child.I always sayed "I don't like to
    live,work and die in Iran,in third world."
    Iran is not a good place for me and people like me.
    It's good only for religious peoples.
    I'm sure Iran is the worst place in the world for
    I will go to the USA, and I will say fuck in this
    country and its peoples that the only thinks they
    learn is their life is Islam.
    Fuck in Islam and its liar prophet.

   3-I live in a poor family,I'm poor,I'm not lucky.
     I don't have many friends.I'm not handsome.
     But I have very high intelligence,
     It's the only think that I have.

     space rogue,What do you think about me?
     How long will it take to me to be the best hacker
     in the world??
     you have many years experience in hacking,
     Is it possible for me to be a professional in all
     hacking fields in 3 years ,or its only a
     Thanks a lot for your helps.
     you read my emails,Why do you help me while I
     don't have anythings special for you??
     you are helping me,but I am wasting your time !!??


Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 19:54:19 -0700
Subject: Hi
From: Mr michael

Why don't you read my emails??
Did I insult you??
If yes,excuse me

Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 04:45:42 -0700
Subject: Please read it !!
From: Mr michael

Please tell me, Why don't you answer my email??
I'm not a social engineer.I'm not lying.

Space rogue ,Please tell me ,Why??

Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 01:41:41 -0700
Subject: Hi
From: Mr michael

How are you?

I have 4 questions ,Please answer them;

For learning hacking I need to read many books,I downloaded many
books,But some of them are about hacking and some of them are about
security.Some of them teach attack,some of them teach defence,
I want to be a hacker ,Do I need to read books about security? For
example I have 2 books one of them is about Vulnerability finding and
exploit writing and one of them is about secure coding.Do I need to
read a book about secure coding??? Or a book about network attacks and
another book about network security and defence,??

there are many books about hacking and related fields,
Do I need to read all of them??Or most of them??
I have nearly 100 books about it ,I must read all of them???!!

Do you read books about hacking and security??Or you only update your
informations and do your researchs.

There are many programming laguages and web applications
technology,For example I decide to be and expert on web hacking Do I
need to be an expert on all technologies?? on rail and etc....
For learning them I must read many books while I don't want to be a
web programmer.!!


Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 16:55:01 -0400
Subject: Re: Hi
From: Space Rogue
To: Mr michael

I can not tell you what to study. I can not tell you what books to read. 
You are asking me to define your personal hacking philosophy for you. I 
can not do that. Only you can do that for yourself.

Hacking, in my opinion, is not something you learn. It is something you 
are. Hacking is, at its basic level, simply learning. So pick something 
you like and learn it. Doesn't matter if it is computers, or networks, or 
software or cars, or carpentry. Just learn that thing and then learn 
more, and then use what you have learned to push your knowledge even 
further. Do things, whatever they are, that people said could not be done 
just to see if they were right. Experiment. See what works and what does 
not. Learn from it. That is hacking. Not what books you read or wether 
you are a good software coder, all of that is irrelevant.  Find what you 
like and then puch it to the limit.

- SR

Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 22:15:41 -0700
Subject: a short question
From: Mr michael


for building an advanced security lab at home what type of equipment do I 
How many pcs,routers,switches,firewalls,wireless hardwares and etc??
I know that for research on hacking I need a real network,
real network devices,wireless devices,and etc.
For example for learning advanced DDos attacks I need a large network
in my home,For learning network device hacks I need many network
devices.For building a wireless sniffer I need a real wireless network
in my home.???!!


Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 04:04:37 -0700
Subject: Hi,please read it.(important)
From: Mr michael

I don't decide to waste your time, but you see that I send
an email every other day,as far as you know I want to be a
hacker but I am not trying for it,
you may think that I'm unworthy.I want to learn,but I'm too busy
now.and I don't have enough time to improve my english language,I have
many books about hacking but I can't read them,
I send you emails because I think If I don't send them you will forget
me,I want to talk to you about many important thinks but I don't know
any things about hacking.It is the last email,when I learn many things
I will come back!!
I will read books,I will research and I will write exploits and
security tools.On years ago I decided to be a hacker because I knew

I need many times to learn about hacking,
I will send another emails.But I don't know when,

Please don't forget me,Because I will come back.
Please don't forget my email address and my name.
when you read it please send me an email.

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 06:03:10 -0800
Subject: Hi
From: Mr michael

How are you?
I'm going to start learning english language and hacking in this
summer,I select some books and I will start reading them.I like to be
a professional and I'm going to start.I will learn computer
programming,debugging and disassembling and etc.

space rogue, I don't like to send this email but I really need your
help,please read this email. I have a big problem,please help me,I
like computer security,But I am a student in electrical engineering
(for associate degree) I hate those bullshits,I hate college ,I only
like to be at home and work and research on computer security.
I have a very low GPA,I'm not a top student.I can't pass some of those 
courses, because I don't like to learn those bullshits,I only like to 
learn about hacking,please help me,I have an exploit for bid 31874, I 
downloaded it from security focus, but its only for test,please complete 
it for me,I don't want a 0-day, I decide to hack a server,I must to do 
this.They don't have any firewall they don't install patches.they are 
really so stupid.I know this is against the law.but iranian government 
kill people in streets because they hate this fucked government,
Is it against the law??
there isn't any law in this fucked country,
I really need to hack a server and change some of my grades.
see them:
they use remote desktop,I only need 2 passwords.
they are full of vulnerabilities,I need a complete version of this
exploit.I will hack them and I gain password hashesh .after it I will
find real passwords and connect to them by remote desktop.
please help me and complete this and compile it for me:
I know you will not do it for me.but please help me.
excuse me for sending this email,
good luck

From: Moj
Date: August 15, 2009 1:59:45 AM HST
Subject: from a friend please read it.


Email Message: Hi,How are you?
I'm a friend.I send many emails for space rogue, But I only receive  
error messages that send from a server automatically.I think he  
isn't at home an he can't answer emails.he don't update his  
weblog.I'm worried.Is he fine?I'm really anxious about his health.
please tell me, I'm worried.
thanks goodbye.

Date: 5 Sep 2009 14:36:57 -0000
Subject: I'm sure you are a racist
From: M

I'm sure you are a racist

Date: 5 Sep 2009 14:44:07 -0000
Subject: It is the last day. tell me
From: m (from Iran)

m (from Iran) wrote:
I don't like to send email for you, for a vain person , for a racist. for 
a hacker that have not any ethics. you are not a have only 
hacker knowledge.

Date: 23 Sep 2009 11:33:39 -0000
Subject: about Cool Quotes (in your weblog)
From: Frolida!!

Frolida!! wrote:
Remember this: "Finally,a day I will find you and I will destroy your 
life!I will do it,only wait some years,I'm sure in those day death is 
better than for you,I will  destroy you and every people from 
l0pht,because you cheat me!!"

since I read those article about you I think about l0pht.after 1 or maybe 
1,5 years I send my  first email for you.I tell you everything.You answer 
my emails,You  pretend that you are my friend,I thought you are really my 
friend ,I was really happy but you weren't my friend you only 
read and answer emails,you do it every day,you send email for people that 
read your weblog,if you didn't like to be my friend If you thought that 
I'm only a reader,You must told me,But you cheat me,I don't have a 
brother I thought I Find a friend and an older brother but you cheat 
me,you are really ignoble,you were important for me, but you thought I'm 
only a reader of your weblog,I really liked you,I did everything for you 
If you only told me what,If you told me die,I did it 
for you.because I trusted you and I think you are really like a brother 
for me,you were the only people that could change my life,I only tell you 
help me for hacking my college I have many reasonable reasons,You could 
told me this is against the law and I can't do a crime,
But you told me that you hate me,you told me you are a crimical,I'm not a 
crimical, talking with you and mudge and other l0pht members were my 
biggest  dream,you destroy my dream and my life,the only goal that I had 
in my life was being like you,being a professional.
I liked to do research with you and former l0pht members,I liked to learn 
from you,I liked to write codes with you,I liked to write 0days with you,I didn't decide to 
hack companies and banks and make money,I'm not like you, but now my only 
goal is destroying you.I will destroy you and everything you like,
I'm poor I only have little knowledge in hacking (fewer that script 
kiddies),I'm in Iran,But a day I will immigrate to US,I will be a 
professional ,better than you and mudge and everypeople you know,  
finally I will destroy you and l0pht and all of ignoble like you I will 
destroy veracode ,l0pht crack ,your life,your friend, your home , and everything 
you have!! You can't escape.I will find your real name and location,Only 
wait some years, I will show you that I'm a genius and I can do 
everything that I want,only waint 5 years,remember this I wanted to be 
your friend but you like to have an enemy ,you don't want a friend you 
only want enemy.if you think I understand wrong you can send email I will 
read it,but you are really like this,see yourself in a mirror you are 
like a human but I'm sure you are an evil,

Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 06:45:43 -0700 (PDT)
From: A Celever Person 
Subject: Hello,Spacerogue,!

I'm really so ashamed,Please don't delete it,Please read it,
I know that I insulted you,I know that I annoyed you,I know you hate me 
so much,I know you can't forgive me,I know when you see an email from me 
you will delete it,but please read it:
I know why you hate me and why you don't trust me,because you think I'm a 
criminal or maybe you think I'm Islamic republic of Iran's spy.or maybe 
you think I'm a social engineer or a liar,But It is think I'm 
like this because I told you I want to hack my college and I told you 
help me for it,
But I must explain some things for you after it do everything you like,
can you remember? six months ago I sent an email for you I told you I 
read an article about l0pht after reading it I decide to be a hacker like 
you I thought everyday about l0pht,my dream was to be a hacker like you 
,Like mudge,like weld pound ,dildog, and other members,I told you all of 
this,you became my friend you told me I will help you,being a real hacker 
is really my goal.But now you think I'm a liar,you think I wanted to be 
your friend because I wanted change some of my grades,you think I want 
hacking for only some fucked grades,you think I'm a stupid script 
kiddie,But It is wrong,you hate me and It is your don't trust 
me because you think I lie,but please remember,I always think about 
hacking and l0pht not for change some grades,I'm not 
a kid,I'm 20 years old,Do you think I'm a kid?
I decided to hack this college because,(read it I'm sure if you read this 
you will trust me 
You didn't live in third world,you didn't live in Iran,you don't know 
anything about this fucked 
country,and it's fucked government.
there is a Law in this country,In colleges In companies ,In banks ,In 
streets,In schools,In court of law, In everywhere, "shut up! and don't 
protest" It is Islam, a religion that mohammad made it for oppression,I 
don't believe this bullshits,I'm atheism,Islam is only for 
terrorists.Ahmadinejad shows this,We are poor but he spend all of our 
money for making weapons,this college isn't a government but it is really 
a part of this fucked government because;
Firstly,I pretended that my reason is only passing some courses,because 
it was better than being a hacktivist,But I'm not a hacktivist,because I 
don't like to go to jail for politics,I don't want to die for politics,I 
didn't decide to deface the website too,I'm not a stupid,I wanted to 
change some grades because it was the best revenge!,It was really the 
best thing.

secondly,now see this fucked college:
They are robbers,spies and etc,They receive a lot of money from us but 
they spend it for themseleves,they must receive only their salaries,But 
they steal our money,you aren't here,you can't see them,you don't study 
here,it isn't a college,It is a system for making money,But all of 
colleges in the world make money,it is right,But it is really 
different,It isn't similar them,trust me,I don't lie,because it is 
Iran,Islamic republic of Iran,third- world,ahmadinejad's empire! the only 
law is oppression,we see many things in this college but we can't 
protest,because they are ahmadinejad's spy,because they have immunity,all 
of spies in this country have immunity,they can steal our money,do you 
read newspapers,did you see how they steal votes?!
Believe me,I'm not a liar,each semester,they tell to lecturers that you 
must do this:"try,try,you must try, some of students must fail in 
exams,because we want to receive money from them again,ok,for example you 
fail a exam,they will be so glad, because they try for it,they can 
receive money again for those courses in another semester,and also I saw 
some lecturers that sell grade!! what?? yes,you can give them some money 
and buy will pass!! hahahaha...wohoo!
it is third world,but only some of colleges are like this,I'm so unlucky,
because this college is one of them.fuck in this college!
and also,they are spies,did you see what was happened in Iran,In 
summer,after elections??
It was really similar to a revolution.they made a lot of money from this 
anarchy,they sold some student to government!! what? for example you are 
an opposed person,you has a problem with ahmadinejad,I'm a college 
professor I tell it to government and they will arrest you ,and I will 
receive some money!!this is really a cool job,they are really ignoble,I 
hate them.
I decide to hack them and change some of my grades because I'm not a 
they torture me everyday,I can't be like a zombie,I want my money,I must 
hack those robbers,

thirdly,I'm sure you will tell this(but it is a myth)="If you hack them 
you will be a criminal,you will go to jail! you told me hack them for 
me,you aren't my friend,I can't be a criminal for you!"
I'm not a stupid,a kid,because: they don't know anything about computer 
security,it is only a small higher education institute,I believe they 
don't know what is hacking!! don't you trust me?
see this examples:
-I installed a sniffer(cain & abel) on one of computers in the college,I 
did an stupidly sniffing,sniff between default gateway and all host in 
the network,It is a DoS,I bring down entire network, a stupid system 
administrator (he is server's admin) find 
me (not by IDS) and tell me what are you doing? you disable entire 
network your flash memory has virus!!he see cain icon on my desktop but 
he is really stupid,he don't know what is sniffer,
-they don't use firewall all ports are open,and terminal service are 
active too,I did a bruteforce on it,he is really blind,he can't see 
logs,!!! I'm sure he don't know anything about Event viewer,

fourthly,I don't want to be a hacker for changing some grades,or hack my 
friend's pcs and mobiles.I don't want to steal datas,I'm not a stupid,I'm 
not a criminal, Why do you think I'm a stupid kid??

I'm not a criminal,terrorist,script kiddi,liar,stupid,zombie,spy and etc.
Please understand that I was your friend,I believe you are my friend.I 
sent many curses for you because I was so angry,Because you delete my 
emails,because It is really a missunderstanding, you think I'm not worthy 
to be your friend,I miss my friend only for this fucked college,I hate 
them,Please forget my messages,and believe me,and understand the truth,If 
you delete it,I send it for your friends,I believe they send it for you 
and tell you read it,I don't want to hack that server for me,I send this 
email for you because I want to stay your friend,because you hate me 
while you don't know the truth,
It is my only reason for sending this email,I'm really worthy to be your 
friend,I was your friend too,
why do you hate me? I didn't make any mistake,I only insulted you because 
I was angry,excuse me please,But your problem is my request, you hate me 
because I tell you "I really need to hack a server, please help me"
I was so stupid because I sent that email for you,
You can't forgive me because you think I'm a stupid kid,But I prove you 
I'm not like this,I prove to everyone that read this email.
If I was a hacker I first hack those stupid and I changed my grades and 
some of my trustworthy friends,because it was the best revenge!!
I can remember 4 months ago you told me :"hacking isn't what you do, 
hacking is what you are!"
I don't have hacking knowledge,But I believe I'm a hacker,because I can't 
be silence while I see this things,
thanks a lot,
goodbye, please send your feedback,

M from Iran,

From: moji YYY
Subject: a shrot Q?!
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 07:27:51 +0000

You are like others But I will prove you that I was a genius and I have
 one of highest IQ score in the world! you think I'm a liar but I will 
show you It is wrong=2CI must to be a hacker=2CIt is the only way that I 
have when I was teenager I liked to be world chess champion but it is 
impossible for a poor person I must to be a hacker It is the only 
replacing for me

why don't you decide to answer my emails??

but you must help me you told me I will help you why did you forget