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Web Sites

Over the years I have created, designed, developed, maintained and otherwise worked on several web sites. Unfortunately many of those are lost forever. In an effort to preserve some of what I created I have posted what I still have available here. These sites are not meant to be functional but more of a museum to sites that once where.

Camneerg - One of the first web sites I ever built. The site was more a testiment to the hardware on which it was running rather than any sort of information exchange. Camneerg the machine, as well as the other systems and projects described within its pages have either ceased functioning, were dismantaled, or given up on long ago.

Whacked - (No files, only web pages have been posted) The web site for the Whacked Mac Archives was used to help promote the FTP site. It is no longer maintained and contains none of the files referanced within its pages.

HNN - The Hacker News Network was a daily updated web site that contained news and views relating to the hacker community. Unfortunately due to copyright laws (No, I don't own what I created) only one page of the site is presented here as an example under the fair use provisions of the copyright law. As a result of only hosting one page most of the links will not work. The page that is displayed is June 16, 2000, which was the last day that I updated the news to the site.

Hacker Intel - Several years after HNN was taken down I was still getting requests to start another site. I finally relented and started Hacker Intel. Responce was pretty abysmal. After six months it was averaging only 400 unique visitors per day. I could no longer justify the time required to keep the site up to date for so few visitors so on June 9, 2004 it was taken offline.