Yes, we would be more than happy to accept your donations, Thank You. It does take a lot to keep this place going what with Rent, Heat, Electricity not to mention the ISDN line bills, which are all astronomical. We could really use some of your old working used hardware. If you would like to donate cash please visit the warez page and get something in return. Unfortunatly we are not officially a nonprofit organization so we can't give you a tax deduction.

Please send whatever you would like to:

L0phT Heavy Industries

P.O. Box 990857

Boston MA, 02199-0857

Please no junk. We have plenty of that. And since all of our money goes towards the bills there really isn't anything left to pay for shipping. If your not sure whether we need something or not please feel to ask first before you go to all the trouble of shipping. And once again, Thanks.

A short list of some things we could put to good use:

Things that have been previously donated:
Used for:
Cayman Gator Box Cybernetic Used to bridge our AppleTalk and Ethernet Networks. Unit was returned to owner after it died.
Shiva EtherGate ???? Used to segment our AppleTalk network
Apple //e Logic Board ????? Currently Not being used
Apple PowerMac 6100/60 Anonymous Used as whacked.l0pht.com
Connectix QuickCam Anonymous Used as L0phteye2
2600 Magazine Emmanuel Goldstein A nearly complete set of back issues of 2600 Magazine. Added to the Library
Off the Hook Emmanuel Goldstein Complete Real Audio CD Set of the Radio Show. Added to the Library
Holistic Hacker He donated a bunch of stuff. I'm sure someone will tell me what soon.
Quadra 630 John Redbeard Complete Quadra 630 setup woth monitor Keyboard etc. Currently used as our Apple File Server
Video Cameras John Redbeard Soon to be used for L0phT Party Cam and L0phTEye2
Two satellite Dishes John Redbeard Eventually these will be incorporated into part of Guerrilla.net
Tons of stuff 8ball Office furniture, printers, monitors, tons of stuff. We basically cleaned out his garage for the guy. Lots of stuff very useful. Thanks man.

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