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I am no longer going to maintain this directory. You can get many more and up to date emulators for the Mac at John Stiles has done an excellent job of organizing all of the many different emulators available.

From the ReadMe "Asteroids for PowerMac is an emulator that pretends to be the original Atari Asteroids hardware. It requires that you download the original ROMS that contain the actual game code." (Do NOT mail me asking for ROMS, I do NOT have any!)

Commodore 64 emulator. PPC native.

The precuser to DOS, CP/M! Remember that old Osborne and Kaypro?

If I rember correctly this is a PC file that Emulates a Mac Plus running 7.1 on a PC.

Another z80 system emulator.

Apple IIgs emulator.

The PPC Native Macintosh Colecovision Emulator.

From the ReadMe "In a nutshell, MAME attempts to emulate as closely as possible the original hardware of the early eighties arcade games. As we discover how a game works, support for it is added to the emulator."

Emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

PDP 8 emulator.

This is an Apple // emulator. Unfortunately the author doesn't give much in the way of specs in his Readme file.

Space Invaders Emulator. Yes, the original stand-up arcade game. Way cool.

Amiga Emulator. From the ReadMe "UAE emulates the hardware of an A500 with 2MB chip and a variable amount of fast memory. Up to 11.8MB RAM are supported. It works with all Kickstart ROM versions, provided they are not compiled for the 68020. It supports some (one,
to be precise) ECS features apart from nearly all the functionality of an OCS chipset.

UAE was developed for Unixoid systems. Meanwhile, it has been ported to the Mac, DOS, the BeBox, NextStep and AA Amigas (it can't quite run itself yet). The Mac and DOS versions are distributed with binaries and a seperate README file that you should read after you have finished this document. The other versions must be compiled from the source code.

Virtual Gameboy.

From the ReadMe "Virtual Super Wild Card is a Super Nintendo emulator for the Macintosh.
As of the current release, it is known to run various commercial titles like Darius Twin, Super R-Type, Turtles IV, and Super Mario World in a playable state. It runs a selection of other games with slight graphical glitches. Unfortunately the remainder of titles do not work at all or crash the emulator."

Emulator of a HP 48 calculator.

Spectrum Emulator. A popular z80 based machine in Europe.


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