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Mac Hacks

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Removes Personalization from some Programs

Later version of above program. I have kept them both because of diffrent fetures.

Allows you to quit AtEase.

New Version! A file utility allowing you to make invisible those files and folders you do not wish others to see.

Allows you to find all the invisible files and folders in a disk. Comes in English and Spanish

Allows you to change the type and creator codes for mac files.

Allows the entire or partial encryption of disks. Since it is illegal to export encryption alogrythms only the demo version is located here.

Removes protection of HyperCard stacks. YouÕd be surprised what was written in HyperCard, Myst for example.

This program is a simple assembler for the Texas Instruments TMS3202x family of Digital Signal Processors. It is intended for use with the program dskL by Gerrit Polder, which can be used to download the assembled code to the TI DSK development system.

Removes the personalization from most Claris and Microsoft Aps and maybe some others.

You want it gone? Erased? Never to be found again? This will not only delte files but makes them unrecoverable.

I assume that this invisibly installs Oasis on the target machine. I haven't checked it out yet.

Makes selected files Invisible. Good for hiding those .jpg files from the Wife.

Keystroke catcher.

Another Keystroke recorder. This one is an extension that gets put into the system folder. You can make it invisible with ResEdit.

From the ReadMe "This application is a Macintoshª driver for the EEP-1 EEPROM programmer described in the November 1995 issue of Electronics Now, page 37. In addition to downloading binary files to the programmer, it has facilities to upload programs from an EEPROM to a file, and create a binary file from either an Intel Hex file or a Motorolaª S19 record. The binary can then be downloaded to an EEPROM."

Multiple diffrent utlities one of which will record keystrokes.

From the ReadMe "This is a smartcard emulator for the Apple Macintosh. It was build using the information given in Markus Kuhn's Season7 and the 8031 assembler code in DECRYPT1.asm for the secret(?) algorithm of the BSkyB smartcards." This program is for the version 9 cards. Currently Sky is using version 10, they are already releasing version 11 cards and version 10 cards can expect to be switched off by end of July 1997. This progam may have other uses?

Control panel that will do three things, make files invisible, encrypt them with DES, and permantly delete them.

Forget the combination to your Master Padlock? This program shows you how to get it open again.

Keystroke catcher

Encrypt your message and hide it inside a System 7 sound file. Sterography, but with sounds instead of pics. Way Cool!

This removes or resets the built-in password protection on PowerBook 5300's. You need access to the PowerBook in an unpassworded state to get this to work.

Will record keystrokes among other things.

Change Name and Organization in MSWord from version 4.0 through 6.0.

PPCdisasembler is an application to disassemble code for PowerPC microprocessor. The application converts a stream of numbers in a program (the code) into a text of mnemotechnic instructions defined by Motorola, the maker of the PowerPC microprocessor. The text can then be read to understand the program.

Allows you to use Quark without a Dongle? I didn't know Quark even needed a dongle. I guess it works then.

Way Cool program that receives weather facsimiles via the sound input port of your Mac. You'll need a short-wave radio to use this. A frequency list is included.

Removes passowrds from Excell files

Change the name and organization for most Microsoft and Claris programs.

Hides messages or files inside PICT files.

A control panel that records every keystroke.

A control panel that saves all text either generated or input into your Mac.

Repersonalize Quark Xpress

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