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Ham - GPS

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Know the location of a satelite? Need to know if it is reachable from where you are? This will do it. Enter Longtitude, Latitude, and Height and it will plot the Earth from the View of the satalite.

Upgrade that ticket with this HyperCard stack. Includes actual questions from the test.

(From the ReadMe...)GPS for Mac v1.5' is Global Positioning System which is operated on Macintosh with SONY IPS-3000(or IPS-5000) GPS Module. IPS-3000(or IPS-5000) is easy-to-use GPS module and quite cool. It makes output in RS-232C signal about latitute, longitude, speed, height, time and so on. 'GPS for Macintosh v1.5' processes its information and shows it on macintosh display. This program, especially, is designed for PowerBook. (You can run this program desktop machine, also.)

(From the ReadMe...)GPSy connects to compatible GPS units, Loran-C and other navigational units and display current cooridinates (latitude/longitude & UTM) altitude, bearing, heading, speed over ground, velocity made good, distance to go, current waypoint, GPS satellite data and more. It can also connect to DeLorme's StreetAtlas3.0 for moving map displays or to Garmin compatible GPS units for almanac/track/waypoints/route upload and downloads.

Includes NET\Mac and IM\Mac for use with your packet radio station.

Control that radio with this program.

Another radio control program.

Allows your Macintosh to communicate with and control an Icom radio. The radio must have a CI-V interface port.

Mail Server software for packet radio stations.

From the ReadMe "Upload and download waypoints, routes, track logs and satellite almanac data. User selectable map datum, allowing coordinate conversions to the same set of 106 map datums within the GPS 40 and the GPS 45. User selectable output file position format, with latitude and longitude in degree/minute/second, degree/decimal minute, or decimal degree format, or UTM, British, German, Irish, Swedish, or Swiss grid coordinates."

(From the ReadMe...)MacRadioSchedule is a computerized schedule of shortwave radio broadcasts.

A transmission propagation prediction program which charts shortwave propagation between any two points on the earth.

Learn Morse code and get that Amateure or General ticket!

MultiMode %c4.sit.bin
MultiMode allows you to decode several digital modes on your Mac.

Need an IP address for your station?

Everything you need to get your Mac up and running on the net via your Ham radio. Radio not included of course.

HyperCard based program to practice taking the Novice level test.

Monitors packet activity and keeps track of what is going on. It draws a graphical map showing who is talking to who and displays statistics of all current stations and keeps a running tally of activity.

This software emulates a really dumb TNC in kiss mode.

Great software for use with packet radio.

Need to know what time it is in Riyadh? Well this will figure it out for you.

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