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Serial Numbers

Warning: Do NOT link directly to the files or this page or your site will be blocked! Link only to the Home Page!


Serial Numbers of software applications are what have been come to be known legally as access devices. A recent federal law has made the posesion of more than 15 'access devices' a felony. I'm not going to sit here and argue wether this a good and just law or how the hell they came up with the number '15'. I am just going to say that I do not want to go to jail.

As a result of our Draconian and Ignorant Government I am no longer listing the many many serial number collections I had (past tense) on this very public web page.

I am sure they are still available on various FTP sites around the net and in all the usual places they always have been.

Do NOT email me to ask me where these FTP sites are located as they are probably right under your nose. Just look around I am sure you will find one.

Do NOT email me and ask me to make an exception in your case or say that you only need one serial number and not fifteen and therefore it would be OK. Email like that gets instantly deleted.

If this policy upsets you may I suggest you contact your elected officials and ask them to change the law.

- Space Rogue
L0phT Heavy Industries

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