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Text Files

Warning: Do NOT link directly to the files or this page or your site will be blocked! Link only to the Home Page!

Name and address's of many companies that sell spy stuff.

Reprint of an article from 2600 Magazine on how to write your own Keystroke recorder.

This file covers everything from Bombs, to Tones, to ID's, to basic hacking. Stops briefly on alot of topics. Lots of good info. Deffinatly a must download.

A pretty decent tutorial on how to crack. Covers several diffrent protection schemes with sample programs to try to crack.

List of Frequencies most often used by listening devices.

Some type of Codes for different cable channels.

Strapped for cash? Need a project? Learn how to build your own AppleTalk boxes for cheap money.

Explains how to clock chip your Quadra/Performa 630 series.

List of Frequencies for Cordless phones, Baby Monitors etc...

What those numbers really mean

How to turn off the 'Shift Key' trick that disables extensions at startup.

A fake ID construction kit. Includes examples.

Looks legit. Supposedly gotten from a FOI (Freedom Of Information) request. Describes when, why, and how a law enforcement officer should sieze your computer equipment. This was written for the Law Enforcement Profesional not the bustee. Think you might get busted? Then deffinatly read this file.

A list of frequencies used by various federal agencies.

More Federal Frequencies

Very well done text file on how to bypass Fool Proof security. If you need to get by Fool Proof you need to read this file.

I haven't read this yet.

Bust open the Renegade BBS software.

A pretty decent file. Similar to the Jargon file but from a different perspective. Hey, Even the L0phT has an entry. The author of this thing seems pretty dedicated to the task. Take the time to download it and email the author any updates you think are appropriate.

If your just getting started then this is the file for you. Covers all the basics from UNIX and VMS hacking, to phreaking and encryption. A must for anyone just starting out who wants to know a little bit about everything.

A pretty good beginners guide to hacking on a Macintosh

How to read everyones E_mail

This is for your pal and mine, Frank Price

Another must have for the beginner. A well written file with step by step inscructions on how to Crack your favorite Mac programs.

Need to bypass On Guard? Then this file is for you.

IRC = the great waste. But if you must then hereÕs a way to hack it.

How to use Kinko's without paying. Pretty good file on how to bypass "DeskTracy". The accounting software used at most Kinko's. From Ole Buzzard.

(From the first paragraph...)This tutorial is for people who have no idea how to crack programs and have no idea how to program anything. It contains a description of the assembly language commands usually used to crack, a description of the software tools used to crack, and an illustration of the technique of cracking. The illustrative technique gives an example of cracking a program that displays an annoying "Register Me" message and requests a registration code. However, the information given should be extensible to any cracking situation. This tutorial should give a novice enough information to crack a program of average difficulty.

A decent expose on L0phT Heavy Industries by Tweety Fish. (This covers the old L0phT but not that much has changed other than the location.)

Lisa Legacy.txt.bin
Why the Apple Lisa was way ahead of its time. Extremly interesting.

Describes how to get digitized Macintosh sounds into a modem, so wou can play them over the phone line during a conversation.

An incomplete list of Macintosh FTP sites. This version is kinda out of date by now.

This could be the start of something cool. A Macintosh hacking FAQ. Details security weaknesses of various programs etc... Please send mail to the author if you like this thing. I would like to see it continue.

I am impressed. I never thought version 2.0 would ever see the ligt of day. Lets support this project and get 3.0 out ASAP! Deffinatly a must read!

If you build it the fish will come. I have finnally made one of these. My two Red Playtes seem very happy in thier new home. (Actually they both dies about a month later) Eventually I put a page up about this project. When I do you can find it at Andy Inhatko's file on how to build an Aqurium into an old compact Mac.

A list of code names used internally at Apple to describe various machine before they where released.

A file by Ben Cranston desribing how to adapt the Macintosh Mini-Din-8 RS-422 serial port to various other port configurations. Excellent file. It has been around for a few years but it still contains valuable info and should be fairly adaptable to the newer Din-9 ports used on Most PowerMacs..

Another file by Ben Cranston describing how to write software to control devices through the serial port. Another excellent file with lots of good info.

Get that extra speed out of your Mac by Clock Chipping it! This file tells you how!

All about those stripes on the back of Bank Cards.

Want to pick that padlock on your gym locker? Hers the Alogorithm they use.

The title says it all.

How to find FTP passwords inside of NCSA Telnet

Another Ole Buzzard file. This one describes how to crack the demo version of Net Phone

Looking to add some RAM or maybe install a modem into your PB 1XX? Need to know how to crack it open? Here ya go.

This is another project I have been thinking about building. Thankfully someone wrote a file on it before I attempted it. Use a PC case as an external SCSI drive enclosure. You should be able to cram four or five drives in there.

Do you know what a red box is? This file will answer those and other burning questions to sooth your soul.

Frequencies that Presidential security use.

(From the first paragraph...)This FAQ describes a technique for changing Quadra 700 clock speed. This version includes cooling fan installation, custom speed oscillators, thermal data, caveats regarding socket pins, and performance data. At the time of posting, the author has reports of 33 Q700's modified in this way.

An excellent file descibing the inner workings of the video in Quadra systems.

(From the first parapraph...)Bienvenidos a la primera revista electronica completamente escrita en el lenguaje de Cervantes dedicada a la comunidad Cibernetica del mundo entero para dar a conocer lo relacionado a las computadoras, redes, programacion, modos de vida, y todo aquello que se relacione con las computadoras. En esta edicion incluimos dos buenisimos articulos relacionados con la tecnologia Internet que te haran entender a profundidad como funcionan las redes y la forma en que se comunican entre ellas.

Hack the old Renegade BBS

How to get the secret stuff out of many different Mac ROMS.

A reprint of the Simplex lock article from 2600 magazine.

How to keep your SSN# secret.

NSA employee manual. (It looks legit, who knows.)

Excellent Text File on How to crack Mac software. This is the original file. Rescued by Ole Buzzard.


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