Cyber UL

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So why are there so many bad, nonsecure and just plain broken security products on the market? Should we depend on the unseen hand of the free market to allow the better products to bubble up to the top? Bruce Schneier’s recent column in Wired magazine shows that better products doen’t necessarily mean more secure […]

Mac Hack Hype

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So by now you have probably heard about the MacBook Pro that was compromised at CanSecWest last Friday. Here is a quick recap if you missed it. A MacBook Pro with all updates applied on a wireless network, if you can break in you win the laptop. Well, after two days no one broke in […]

Who Do You Trust?

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Over and over people tell me that a product, service or other item is secure because someone else important uses it, and they are sooo important that they would never ever use or do anything insecure. So basically what they are saying is that “I trust them so I will do what they do.” The […]

L0pht in Transition

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The April 2007 print issue of CSO Magazine has a nice article on page 30 by Michael Fitzgerald entitled “L0pht In Transition.” Unfortunately they don’t have a version online or I would link to it. The article pretty much sums up what all of us are up to these days and asks the question if […]

More Cell Phone Security Myths

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I have been trying to beat people over the head about cell phone security issues for years. It amazing how much people trust those things. They look at it like a microwave or a refridgerator and not a small computer. They think it is a small inpenatrable box that only they have access to. But, […]

Stupid Surveys

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Ok, this is just to funny not to write about. As a previous Blackhat attendee (and speaker) my name is on the mailing list of whoever owns the conferance these days. Anyway, I get an email that was appropriately routed to my spam folder, asking me to complete a survey for some magazine called ‘Dark […]

WordPress is Installed

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I figured if I’m going to do this blogging thing I should get some real software instead of editing an HTML file by hand. Not that I mind writing raw HTML but this is so much easier and has all these cool nifty features like comments and stuff. So I’ve just installed this today, I’ve […]

I have HNN Back!!!

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I am very very happy about this. <danceofjoy> I finally own again! </danceofjoy> many many thanks to Dave for keeping watch over the domain and not gouging me to transfer it over. (Dave, I owe you many beers!) Now just because I have the domain doesn’t mean I am going to resurect HNN or […] Lives!

By Space Rogue No comments Lives! Unfortunately with an Oh and not a zero, but we will take what we can get. Amazing what a spammer will pay for a half decent domain, looks like I am back to Mac&Cheese again for a while. Or I suppose you could say it is amazing (or stupid) what someone will pay […]

Merry Christmas!

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Dildog threw his annual Christmas bash with all of the usual suspects and a few unusual ones. Tame by L0pht party standards but hey, we’re all gettin’ old. The Vegtable of Death actually stopped looking for dead people long enough to grace us with his presence. The Fish of Tweet was still 5K miles away […]