Honey Dipped Patch Tuesday

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I have never really understood Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday from a security perspective. Sure from an IT management perspective it makes a lot of sense. The ability to actually plan for events and effectively allocate resources in IT is a rare commodity. So much of IT management is reacting instead of planning that Patch Tuesday almost […]

Remote iPhone exploit? Big Deal.

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So the folks over at Independent Security Evaluators claim to have found a remote iPhone exploit. Evidently this is big news as it has already garned an article in the New York Times (talk about media whoreing) and been granted a coveted speaking spot at the Blackhat Security Briefings early next month. Must be a […]

iPhone Security Myths Busted

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I know what your thinking, “Not more iPhone! Enough Already!” yeah, I know me to, but seriously there is just to much FUD floating around out there. FUD from reputable places such as Gartner. Well, OK maybe not that reputable but people still listen to them for some reason. They released a white paper last […]

Mac Hack Hype

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So by now you have probably heard about the MacBook Pro that was compromised at CanSecWest last Friday. Here is a quick recap if you missed it. A MacBook Pro with all updates applied on a wireless network, if you can break in you win the laptop. Well, after two days no one broke in […]