L0pht reunion? Source 2008

Well it looks there may be a mini reunion of old L0pht folks. We are still trying to round everyone up but there will more of us together on one stage than there has been for over ten years. (Damn, has it really been that long?) Anyway it will be at the Source 2008 conference in Boston in March. There are some other pretty damn big heavy hitters who will also be at the conference, Steven Levy (yes, of Hackers the book), Dan Geer (yes, of Athena), Richard Clarke (yes, that Richard Clarke). Not sure what day yet the L0pht panel will be speaking but it will be one hell of a conference.

MS Security War Room

This is neat, sorta, Microsoft evidently has their very own Security War Room. Complete with snacks, a global clock and oooo, a motivational picture of Harvey Keitel! I suppose this sort of thing makes sense for governments but just how many security events does it take for your company to devote an entire room to them? At Microsoft it is evidently such a common occurrence that they haven’t just devoted one room to this purpose but two!