thefixer wrote:

Who gives a shit about your opinion, your an obsolete groupie, of obsolete hackers who sit around all day stroking eachothers cocks, at “cons” like blackhat, you spend your 3,000 on tickets, while the whole thing is a sham, no real blackhats there, just a bunch of tired ass white hats, stroking eachothers egos, trading stories of the glory days of the 90s, you are all hypocrite`s who have long since sold out and and spew your rhetoric from your comfy corporate desks. You are no longer the wiz kid who awes your parents and friends, no, You are now the thing you once hated, You are tools of infrastructure now, you wrap yourselves in the flag and serve the same system that is enslaving us all, you and your kind have contributed to this framework to end the wild west of the internet and take power from the poeple and give it to the fascists. You discust me.

You sir are a bonafide Douchebag.


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