Thats right the US Air Force is looking for a few good geeks. And evidently they are willing to relax a few of the requirements of military service to get them. According to this quote in Wired Major General William Lord of the US air Force’s Cyber Command said “So if they can’t run three miles with a pack on their backs but they can shut down a SCADA system, we need to have a culture where they fit in.”

As a former Sergent in the US Army (7th ID (light)) I am pretty shocked at this statement. Military physical fitness standards are not that hard to achieve or maintain (especially in the Air Force). PT speaks to the very core of what it means to be a part of the military. When the Air Force needs pilots they don’t reduce or eliminate requirements they offer cash bonuses for reenlistment. So what happens when there is a shortage of cooks? or mechanics? Will we end up with a military that is to damn fat to get out of its own way? I don’t care what your job is, cyber warrior or not, if you’ve made the commitment to serve your country then you can make a commitment to pass a damn PT test.