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Please read this FAQ carefully before you send me mail.

Why do you have a .net address instead of a .com?
I never felt I had a need for a personal web site and by the time I got around to registering one I found that had already been taken. is currently owned by Kristian Marijn van Wezel. He has offered to sell me the domain for $10,000(US). Even if I had ten grand I damn sure wouldn't waste it on a vanity domain. I thought about filing a dispute but even that is $500.

Why did you leave @stake and L0pht Heavy Industries?
I was fired from @stake on June 30th, 2000. It is probably best not to discuss the reasons. Just suffice it to say that the issues surrounding this event have been resolved to both @stake's and my satisfaction.

How come you don't run HNN anymore?
The Hacker News Network was technically property of L0pht and therefore became property of @stake after the merger.

Why don't you start up the WMA again? or create a new HNN?
While I have thought about pulling the Whacked Mac Archives out of mothballs and starting a new Hacker News Network under a different name there just is not enough time in the day. Unless someone is willing to pay me full time and provide the resources necessary in creating and maintaining an extremely popular web site, it just isn't gonna happen. HNN and WMA never had the resources they needed to make them truly successful and now I have even fewer resources to draw upon. If I ever decide to start such a project again I will make sure the logistical support is there before I start.

What happened to Hacker Intel?
No one visited the site so I took it offline. I was lead to belive that there was a great demand for a site of this type. Guess I was mislead. I just can not justify spending three or four hours per day on a website that no one visits and that I didn't get paid for. Now if you want to pay me....

So if your not running WMA or HNN or Hacker Intel and you don't have a job just what the hell is taking up all your time?
Well, I still have to eat. Despite what many people think I don't have millions of dollars, or even thousands just laying around. So for the time being I am doing consulting work here and there waiting for my next big project/job.

Are you looking for a new job?
Actually I did break down and get a 'real' job. But like most jobs it sucks. If you think you have a better job, or at least one that sucks less, let me know.