Space Rogue has been quoted and filmed by a wide variety of different media outlets from Austrian TV to MTV, from Wired to MSNBC.

Confusion Over ‘Cyberwar’ – Wired, 1999.01.12
FAO Schwarz Springs a Leak – Wired, 1999.02.03
FAO Schwarz Patches Hole In Web Site – San Francisco Chronicle, 1999.02.05
Off The Hook – WABI, 1999.03.02 (starts at 25:05)
Transatlantic Brawl! – Online Journalism Review, 1999.03.25
Interview with Space Rogue – Forbes, 2000.02.07
The iPhone security non-story – ZDNet, 2007.06.26
Hacker Group L0pht Makes a Comeback – PCWorld, 2009.07.29
A Cyber Terrorist Ate My Hamster – Info Security, 2012.07.20
Legacy of the L0pht – IT Security Guru, 2014.04.09
Inadequate ‘Internet of Things’ Security Puts Our Lives at Risk – International Business Times, 2014.04.10
A disaster foretold — and ignored : LOpht’s warnings about the Internet drew notice but little action – Washington Post, 2015.06.22
This hacker could have taken down the internet in 30 minutes – Business Insider, 2016.06.06
Government, Hackers Learn To Make Nice – Dark Reading, 2016.08.10
Password cracking is easy with IBM’s Space Rogue – TechRepublic, 2017.11.27
Space Rogue: A Security Rebel Turned Pen Tester – Security Intelligence 2018.06.13
The L0pht: According to Space Rogue – Error Code Podcast 2023.03.01
Reddit AMA r/cybersecurity – Reddit 2023.03.01
Off the The Hook – 2600 2023.03.22
Chris Wysopal and Cris Thomas – Decipher Podcast 2023.04.26

Selected Articles and Papers:
[L0pht Advisory] MacOS – FWB passwords easily bypassed – 1998.10.30
The Return of Zuc.A and and Ancient OSX Viruses? – SpiderLabs Blog 2012.06.11
One Factor, Two Factor, Three Factor, More – SpiderLabs Blog 2012.08.07
Hackers and Media Hype: Big Hacks that Never Really Happened – SpiderLabs Blog 2012.09.12
How mobility can compromise security – OutSource Magazine 2013.04.18
“Countdown to Zero Day” is a Must Read – Tenable Blog 2015.01.06
Why the aviation industry needs more hackers – CSM 2015.04.29
Paper, the least terrible password management tool – CSM 2015.06.19
Lessons to Learn from the OPM Breach – Tenable Blog 2015.06.25
An Underwriters Laboratories for cybersecurity is long overdue – CSM 2015.07.01
Why bug hunting security researchers are Digital Age heroes – CSM 2015.08.14
Understanding Malware – Network Computing 2015.09.18
Fight phishing without blaming victims – CSM 2015.09.29
The Vulnerability Disclosure Debate – Tenable Blog 2015.10.05
Squirrels are bigger threat than hackers to US power grid – CSM 2016.01.06
Where have all the white hat hackers gone? – New Statesman 2016.03.09
Before pointing fingers after cyberattacks, Remember the Maine – CSM 2016.03.16
Retro analog tech a danger to U.S. power grid – The Hill 2016.06.20
Zero trust policy the answer to fed cybersecurity challenges – The Hill 2016.09.19
Voting System Security – Tenable Blog 2016.10.05
Trump has a point about ‘the cyber’ – CSM 2016.10.11
How to have a FUD-free RSA Conference – CSM 2017.02.08
How Old-School Hackers Are Enabling the Next Generation of Offensive Security Professionals – Security Intelligence Blog 2019.11.21

Talks and other Videos:
L0pht at Beyond HOPE – 1997.08.07
Interview with New England Cable News – 1998?
US Congressional testimony – 1998.05.19
The Best of DEFCON 7 (HNC Network) – 1999 (Starts at 1:53:06)
L0pht Panel – SOURCE Boston 2008
Symantec Launch Event – Tokyo Japan 2009.09.19
The Last HNNCast – 2011.07.08
A Brief History of HNN – BSides Delaware 2011.11.12
Hackers and Media Hype – HOPE 9 2012.07.15
How to become an Infosec Rockstar – 2012.09.20
How a hacker group came to Washington – Washington Post 2015.06.16
Electric Grid Under Attack! – SXSW 2016.03.18
Cris Thomas, Tenable Network Security, talks to BCS at InfoSec 2016 – BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT 2016.07.06
A Public Policy Lens on the Hacker Conferences – Atlantic Council 2016.08.10
Tenable’s Space Rogue on Hacking US Elections, Cyber Vulnerabilities – Defense & Aerospace Report 2016.10.16
Hacking The Vote – CNBC On The Money 2016.11.05
35yrs Of Cyberwar, The Squirrels are WinningShmoocon 2017.01.15
The Perfect Resume for Entry level Infosec – Shmoocon 2023.01.21

Book Press:
Hacker Space Rogue to Release Book on Hacking Group L0pht Heavy Industries in February– Dark Reading 2023.01.12
Space Rogue – How the Hackers Known as L0pht Changed the World – Usenix 2023.01.21
Phreaks and l33ts: Inside the early ‘90s tech scene that created L0pht, the legendary hackerspace – CyberScoop 2023.02.05
Hacker Space Rogue to Release Book on Hacking Group L0pht Heavy Industries – Space Rogue – ESW #306 – Enterprise Security Weekly 2023.02.16
Cris Thomas: Space Rogue, From L0pht Hacker to IBM Security Influencer  – Dark Reading 2023.02.23

Privacy Papers – Rebecca Herold 2001
Space Rogue from L0pht and Hacker News Network Joins Tenable Network Security  – 2014.01.07

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