Why do you have a .net address instead of a .com?
I never felt I had a need for a personal web site and by the time I got around to registering one I found that spacerogue.com had already been taken. Spacerogue.com is currently owned by Kristian Marijn van Wezel. (If that is his/her real name.) He has offered to sell me the domain for $10,000(US). Even if I had ten grand I damn sure wouldn’t waste it on a vanity domain. I thought about filing a dispute but even that costs $500. Hope he/she/they enjoy paying those domain registration fees for decades.

So whats up with HNN, The Hacker News Network?
The Hacker News Network was a website/blog/service I ran twice. First between 1998 and 2000 and second between 2010 and 2012. The first time it was a daily updated web blog, back before people knew what blogs where, that covered information security news. The second time it moved on to video. You can check out the old web version here sans graphics. Just change the numbers in the URL for a different date. Old episodes of the video version can be watched here

The @stake merger with L0pht spelled the end of the independent voice and crushed the underground news source and instead promoted corporate white papers rather than the “debunking” of security snake oil and the news of the computer underground. The Snake Oil, FUD and other shenanigans in the computer security industry never went away and the dumbed down level of reporting in the mainstream media still exists and is worse than ever. The Hacker News Network was an attempt at exposing and spreading the truth, not only about security but the news that involves the people of this community.

The biggest problems with running something as consuming as HNN is time and money both of which are always in short supply. After dumping 40+ hours a week into the video version of HNN while trying to do a full time job at the same time eventually took its toll. Yes, it may return, maybe, in the far distanst future. I’m envisioning the next HNN as 3D holograms.

So what the hell happened with L0pht and @Stake?
I was fired from @Stake on June 30th, 2000. It is probably best not to discuss the reasons. Just suffice it to say that the issues surrounding this event have been resolved to both @Stake’s and my satisfaction.

Why don’t you start up the WMA again?
While I have thought about pulling the Whacked Mac Archives out of mothballs now and then there just is not enough time in the day. The WMA is so woefully out of date at this point it would be easier to just start over again from scratch. I did grab the whackedmac.com domain just in case. However, I would rather work on something new. I have few other cool ideas in the back of my head that I want to implement. Just waiting on the technology to catch up with my ideas (that and the time and money to do it right.)

What happened to Hacker Intel?
No one visited the site so I took it offline. I was lead to believe that there was a great demand for a site of this type. Guess I was mislead or maybe it was my poor marketing.

So what the hell are you doing these days?
I am currently employed by IBM and work for the legendary X-Force as the global lead of policy and special initiatives.