Space Rogue: How the Hackers Known as L0pht Changed the World

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Hacker Space Rogue to Release Book on Hacking Group L0pht Heavy Industries in February Space Rogue gives a behind the scenes look at the famous hacking group, their senate testimony, and how their legacy continues to shape the security of the online world today. PHILADELPHIA, PA, January 11, 2023—The memoir of world-renowned hacker Cris Thomas […]

Stick This! Review of Five Sticker Vendors

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Stickers are an underappreciated ephemeral art form. While closely related to stamps, stickers have their own unique styles and uses that differ from stamps. While stickers may have evolved from stamps, the first stickers were created by R. Stanton Avery in 1935. Initial uses were mostly utilitarian, but in the 1970s Forest Gill created the […]

Cyber Squirrel 1 Dataset Released

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Cyber Squirrel 1 has existed for nearly eight years now. Eight years of cataloging power outages caused by squirrels but also birds, snakes, raccoons, rats, slugs, sharks, jellyfish, etc… The overall data paints a pretty bleak picture of the fragility of our electrical transmission infrastructure While most people seldom experience a power outage, there is […]

Book Review: cDc The Long Version

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I wrote this long version a year ago after I posted the short version of my review of “Cult of the Dead Cow: How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World” by Joseph Menn and I received fair bit of criticism from some cDc members. I was called a troll, a self righteous […]

Book Review: Cult of the Dead Cow

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TL, DR: It’s a good story, not a history book. If you are looking for a good story with a message, read it. If you are looking for a nuanced description of what was happening in history, look elsewhere. The NYTimes called “The Cult of the Dead Cow: How the Original Hacking SuperGroup Might Just […]

Revisiting L0pht testimony – 20yrs later

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Here is a copy of my introductory statement from the May 22, 2018 briefing where L0pht revisited its historic Senate testimony of twenty years earlier. (supporting links at the end.) Good Afternoon, I’m Space Rogue. Twenty years ago, out of fear of corporate retaliation through lawsuits Space Rogue was the only name I used. Today […]

A Hacker at the Polls

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On the second Tuesday in November I burned a vacation day, woke up at five in the morning and drove to a church down the street from where I live. I sat at a long table for thirteen hours and looked up names in a book. While I wasn’t at the church to pray I […]

The Continuing Evolution of Cyber

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I don’t think there is another word in the English language that provokes as much of an emotional response from information security professionals as much as ‘cyber’. In fact, half of the people who just read that last sentence are like yeah, but cyber is not a word it’s a prefix. (The other half probably […]

L0pht T-Shirt Quilt

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It is hard to work in Infosec for very long and not amass a huge number of T-shirts. Vendors give them away like candy thinking that somehow a free t-shirt is going to make you spend thousands of dollars on their blinky light solution versus their competitors blinky light solution. However, some t-shirts tend to […]

SouthWest Password Ad is both Good and Bad.

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Southwest Airlines recently aired a TV ad in their “Wanna Get Away” series that features some serious password blunders. In the ad a General is asked for his password so that they “can lock down the system” which he then reluctantly provides. The password, “ihatemyjob1”, is rather embarrassing and hilarity ensures. Lets watch…   […]