Handle Shmandle

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A lot of people ask me why I still use a handle and go by ‘Space Rogue’ instead of using my real name. Trust me it is kinda awkward to go to a respectable con like BSides, Blackhat or even RSA and introduce myself as ‘Space Rogue’. People always ask me to repeat myself as […]

OMG the SCADA is Falling!!!

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Let me say first that SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) attacks are real, they do happen and should be a real concern. But if we look at the recent press surrounding such attacks we see little in the way of any hard evidence that such an attack actually occurred. Instead we see rumor and […]

NASA Confirms but China Denies Satellite ‘hacking’

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Since I posted my previous item regarding my suspicions as to the validity of the claims of ‘interference’ with a US Government satellite there have a few more developments. First NASA has come out and ‘confirmed’ the interference. According to NASA PAO: “NASA experienced two suspicious events with the Terra spacecraft in the summer and […]

Rebuttal – “Hackers reportedly behind U.S. government satellite disruptions”

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First some historical background, this is at least the third time I have seen a similar story over the last 15 years. “OMG ‘hackers’ can control a satellite”, the previous two times it turned out to be false. The first time I was one of the first people call the story suspect. It is hard […]

We would like your feedback

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Getting your customers to fill out market satisfaction survey’s is all the rage these days. “We greatly appreciate your feedback ” Hey, its free demographic marketing! Its also usually ego stroking, studies show that people tend to skew their own responces to the positive side of things. Generally I don’t fill these things out at […]

Do you know who you are?

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The above photo was taken in the backyard of my house sometime around 1995 at one of the infamous 617 barbecues known as Grillathon. There are some people in that pic who are now rather famous in certain circles. There are a LOT of people who where at the BBQ who have gone on to […]

Résumé Wackiness

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So I recently decided to move to a new city, as I result I quit my job as an IT Manager. One of the last tasks I had was to place advertisements, read resumes, and interview prospective replacements. It had been a while since I had hired anyone and usually I had HR sifting through […]

Red Team Uniform

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So I happened to be walking by the thrift store today and they had a rack of winter jackets on hangers outside on the sidewalk with a sign on them that said “Jackets $5.00”. The really interesting thing was that one of the jackets happened to be from the local security company Allied Security with […]

You sir are a bonafide Douchebag.

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thefixer wrote: Who gives a shit about your opinion, your an obsolete groupie, of obsolete hackers who sit around all day stroking eachothers cocks, at “cons” like blackhat, you spend your 3,000 on tickets, while the whole thing is a sham, no real blackhats there, just a bunch of tired ass white hats, stroking eachothers […]

Hackers Need Not Apply

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Back in the nineties, the glory days of Hacking, just after the golden age of the late eighties, many companies were starting to get into the whole Internet Security thing. Everyone and their brother had an Internet Security company and VC were just crawling over each other to give them money. One thing most of […]