PC Protect

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Internet scams are a dime a dozen from pop ups for fake anti-virus software packages to cleverly designed phishing websites that look exactly like your banks login page. Internet criminals will try just about anything if they think they can get away with it. Today I think I ran into what I think is a […]

I Will Always Want a Key For My Car

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So your secure today? How about after it has been exposed to the elements for a little while? Saw this in the office parking lot today. This is what your system looks like from the outside when you haven’t applied current patches. Don’t delay, patch today!

Financial Company Still Recommending Insecure Software

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There are few things in this world that really piss me off and blatant ignorance is one of them. On January 31st 2006 Microsoft did the right thing and removed Internet Explorer for Mac from their available IT downloads. Considering that IE5 for Mac had ceased further development in 2003 it had become riddle with […]

L0phtCrack 6 to Be Released at Source Boston

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L0phtCrack, the original and still the best password auditing tool for MS windows based systems, will be re-released at Source Boston by the original authors! That’s right Mudge, Dildog and Weld Pond have required the rights to the original L0phtCrack and plan to release a new version at the upcoming conference. The new L0phtCrack will […]

HNN Archive Posted

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I don’t really know who actually owns the Hacker News Network anymore. I own the domain now but the original content was part of the sale of L0pht to @Stake which was then sold to Symantec. At this point though I don’t really care anymore. If they want it they can come and get it […]

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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In February of 1676 Sir Issac Newton wrote in a letter to Robert Hooke “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” implying that while he may have come up with the final idea he was only able to do so because of the work of those […]

Prototype This! premiers Wednesday Night

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Former L0pht member, Defcon Badge Designer, Triathelete, new father, and urban clothing designer Kingpin (aka, Joe Grand) can now add yet another title to his resume, TV Star! The premier of the Discovery Channel’s new show Prototype This! debut’s Wednesday October 15 at 8PM. Sort of a cross between Junkyard Wars and Myth Busters Kingpin […]

Fake Story Still Fake, Media Still Clueless

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About eight years ago a media story broke about how some “hackers” took over a British Ministry of Defense Satellite and were holding it for ransom. Anyone who knew anything about Command and Control systems for satellites knew this would be almost impossible especially for a military satellite. That didn’t stop Newsbytes, Yahoo News, ZDNet, […]

Honey Dipped Patch Tuesday

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I have never really understood Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday from a security perspective. Sure from an IT management perspective it makes a lot of sense. The ability to actually plan for events and effectively allocate resources in IT is a rare commodity. So much of IT management is reacting instead of planning that Patch Tuesday almost […]

Mudge Cover’s Mass High Tech

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So I get into work this morning and grab my snail-mail and throw it on my desk and go grab my morning oatmeal and glass of water. I get back to my desk and start eating my oatmeal as I go through my mail. Things like fake domain name renewal bills, pleas from wireless phone […]