“I’d run over the phone…”

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So one of the few tech reporters who ‘gets it’, Ted Bridis, over at the AP decides he needs a quote for a story about how old cell phones may still have data on them from their original owners. So he finds Mudge, and what does he say? “I’d run over the phone…” Bwhahahaha!!!!. Well, […]

L0pht Buildings

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Not a lot of people know where the L0pht was physically. It started out in an old artists co-op building near South Boston and then moved to an old warehouse in Watertown. If you were lucky enough to attend one of the orginal legendary L0pht parties you would not recognise either building now. The South […]


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Blackhat and Defcon were as trippy as I thought it would be. Rather tame by Defcon standards but then I think they say that every year. Not much in the way of muli-colored hair or scantily clad women, but definately more women than I remember. KP was pimpin’ out the Defcon badge which I must […]


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I see that Spaceronics will live a long and illustrious life. Long Live Spaceronics! (Please, don’t ask, or I will be forced to tell you the Bangkok story.)

First Post

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OK, so now that I am blogging, not that I wasn’t blogging before they called it blogging, what the hell do I write about? HOPE is coming up but I doubt I will be in attendance, to much work. I may head off to Defcon this year, that will be a trip. Been five years […]