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Blackhat and Defcon were as trippy as I thought it would be. Rather tame by Defcon standards but then I think they say that every year. Not much in the way of muli-colored hair or scantily clad women, but definately more women than I remember. KP was pimpin’ out the Defcon badge which I must […]


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I see that Spaceronics will live a long and illustrious life. Long Live Spaceronics! (Please, don’t ask, or I will be forced to tell you the Bangkok story.)

First Post

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OK, so now that I am blogging, not that I wasn’t blogging before they called it blogging, what the hell do I write about? HOPE is coming up but I doubt I will be in attendance, to much work. I may head off to Defcon this year, that will be a trip. Been five years […]