L0pht Buildings

Not a lot of people know where the L0pht was physically. It started out in an old artists co-op building near South Boston and then moved to an old warehouse in Watertown. If you were lucky enough to attend one of the orginal legendary L0pht parties you would not recognise either building now. The South End location has been remodeled into very trendy artist open studios While the Watertwon building was torn down shortly after we moved out and in its place a biotech lab building was built. During the bio-tech slowdown they converted the unused building into loft (haha) condos, the project is called RiverBank Condos and they are selling for about $400K each.


Blackhat and Defcon were as trippy as I thought it would be. Rather tame by Defcon standards but then I think they say that every year. Not much in the way of muli-colored hair or scantily clad women, but definately more women than I remember. KP was pimpin’ out the Defcon badge which I must say was pretty cool. Had a beer or two with Jericho at the Silohette bar at Ceasers and talked about his work on the OSVDB. and of course reminised about the old HNN days. It was good see Tan, although some of the stories he told me about what he has been up to over the last few years were scary to say the least, still good to diss the old @Snake fiasco. And of course Mudge, still drunk, not sure if things will ever be the same there but at least we’re talking. Unfortunately other people can’t seem to deal with the real world and like to pretend it doesn’t exist, whatever. I just wanted to say hi.