I have HNN Back!!!

I am very very happy about this. <danceofjoy> I finally own hackernews.com again! </danceofjoy> many many thanks to Dave for keeping watch over the domain and not gouging me to transfer it over. (Dave, I owe you many beers!) Now just because I have the domain doesn’t mean I am going to resurect HNN or anything it is just good to have things back to where they belong. For now hackernews.com will just point here.

Lopht.com Lives!

Lopht.com Lives! Unfortunately with an Oh and not a zero, but we will take what we can get. Amazing what a spammer will pay for a half decent domain, looks like I am back to Mac&Cheese again for a while. Or I suppose you could say it is amazing (or stupid) what someone will pay to recapture the past. Either way, expensive. lopht.com is back online. Yeah!