Ok, this is just to funny not to write about. As a previous Blackhat attendee (and speaker) my name is on the mailing list of whoever owns the conferance these days. Anyway, I get an email that was appropriately routed to my spam folder, asking me to complete a survey for some magazine called ‘Dark Reading’ which looks llike a TechWeb property that deals with security. Now normally I don’t waste time with such survey’s but I was bored at the time so I figured what the hell. Talk about entertainment! Check out this sample question….

11. What’s the first thing you typically do when you discover a vulnerability in an off-the shelf hardware or software product?
– Report it to the vendor
– Post it/share it with other crackers/researchers
– Begin developing ways to exploit it for financial gain
– Begin developing proof-of-concept code to expose the vulnerability to a broad audience
– Find out who would be willing to pay the most for it
– Contact law enforcement

I can not wait until the FUD filled article they write based on this survey comes out. Of course I checked off “Find out who would be willing to pay the most for it” Bwahahaha. Yes, I somehow get a weird sort of personal satisfaction by becoming an outlying value in a statistical survey. hehehe…. I especially like the questions with an ‘other’ option that allow me to enter in my own answer. Like…

13. Many law enforcement agencies have developed computer crime units to investigate computer break-ins. Of these, which do you think has the best chance to catch you?

My answer? “None. I can not be caught!” Hahahaha

If anyone notices the article they write from this survey let me know. It aughta be good for a few laughs.