I have been trying to beat people over the head about cell phone security issues for years. It amazing how much people trust those things. They look at it like a microwave or a refridgerator and not a small computer. They think it is a small inpenatrable box that only they have access to. But, but, but, but the Government uses them! My FBI buddy uses his Backberry all the time! Why they must be secure if they use them on Wall Street! Idiots.

I am glad to see I am not the only one who undestands the risks involved. When your setting up party plans for the weekend and sending text messages back and forth who cares? But when you start flinging business critical powerpoint presenations around, or worse yet new email passwords, things become a little more important.

I think every C level officer in your company should be forced to read this Ten dangerous claims about smart phone security And then print it out and post it in the breakroom. No, they won’t believe you at first but eventually, hopefully, after you beat them over the head with it enough times they may come to accept it.

Myths number 4, 8, and 9 are my favs. 4 is Encryption. People hear that word and think all is right with the world. Most smart phone encryption is like useing an armoured car to transport a million dollars from a homeless guy on a park bench to a another one living in a card board box. Whats the point? Myth 8 is about deleted data still being on the phone. Most people I work with know that when they delete stuff from the computer it is still there, why can’t they understand that it is the same with thier phones? And Myth 9 that spying on the phone is hard, wasn’t there a case recently where a Walmart employee (or was it Best Buy?) was caught evesdropiing on his bosses text messages? I suspect that cell phone eavesdropping is a major tool of industrial espionage.

Personally I still use a seven year old Samasung SPH-N200. Black and white screen, no text messageing, no nothing, but it does what it is supposed to, make phone calls and record voicemails. And it still looks cool enough to get stange looks when I am using it. “Wow, thats a cool old phone, retro even.” Hehehe.

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