GlassTTY VT220 Font

ClassTTY VT220 Post


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Space Rogue is widely sought after by journalists and industry analysts for his unique views and perceptions of the information security industry. He has been called to testify before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs and has been quoted in numerous magazine and newspaper articles as well as appeared on such TV shows as News Hour with Jim Lehrer, CNN Nightly News, ABC News Online with Sam Donaldson, and others. A recognized name within the industry, Space Rogue has written articles that are often quoted or refered to by other major media outlets. He has spoken before numerous audiances including the Digital Messageing Association, Defcon, Pumpcon, HOPE, H2K, and others. As a former member of L0pht Heavy Industries, Space Rogue ran the widely popular Hacker News Network which quickly became a major resource on the Internet for daily information security news. Before HNN he ran the The Whacked Mac Archives, which at the time, was the largest and the most popular Macintosh security site on the net. Currently Space Rogue does consulting for various companies.

3 thoughts on “GlassTTY VT220 Font

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  2. <3 luvz u always dumb DEC term no matter how slow U.S. Robotics wanted to draw u on da CRT, ima n00bster cuz I always thought u were orange on black monochrome only.

  3. Space Rogue,
    This brings back a LOT of memories with me, my Apple-II, and many summer afternoons/evenings in my grandparents basement looking for a new BBS… Now iTerm brings back all of that nostalgia! Excellent find!

    I think everyone in the IT industry sighed in unison after you posted that comment. Consider how that comment made you look:
    1) Name-dropping isn’t actually cool and we can tell when you do it.
    2) The color was amber, not orange. There is a difference. But given your word usage, it looks like you may have flunked kindergarten.
    3) In Soviet Russia, modem draws you?
    4) You did the entire English language a disgrace by posting your comment. Not to be a Grammar Nazi but it seriously looks like you’re some kind of Good Will reject. Aren’t you embarrassed to type like that? Whoever told you it was cool to type like a digital gangster was clearly mistaken and I bet you cannot name one single person that is cool that actually types, or talks, like that. Thank you for being a testament to today’s generation (which absolutely terrifies me, for the record).


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