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Since it would appear that no one can seem to find a dictionary file of thier own I have offered a small one here. It is only a little over 600k so don't expect much. You'll meed a much bigger one that this if want to have success at all in cracking passwords but this should at least get you started.

A port of Killer Cracker v.8. Pretty good interface. Requires an 68020 or better to run.

A port of Killer Cracker v.7. Lousy interface, but it works.

A port of Crack 4.1. Includes a much larger dictionary file of 2.4MB. Better than the dictionary offered above.

A port of Crack 4.1. Very well done. PPC and 68000 included.

It generates random alphanumeric password of a length you specify and writes it to a file. In AppleScript format.

Will combine dictionary files together to create one large Dictionary and will remove duplicate entries.


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